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Thank you for visiting our brand new website! We have been working for the last couple of months writing new content to provide you all with more information that will make your visits easier, and increase your understanding as to why we recommend some of the treatments we do.

So when I was thinking about what to write about for this first blog post, I was able to reflect  a little bit as to the whole reason we went to the effort of making a new website in the first place. It’s true, we have a new name and a new look and that’s part of it, but I felt the previous website didn’t give our patients enough information to help them in the way I wanted it to.

What it basically boils down to is trust and transparency…with maybe a little bit of marketing!

I want our patients to be active participants in their health. The days of the old Doctor / Patient model are over. That relationship where patients blindly followed what their Dentist or Physician told them to no longer exists. We have too much information at our disposal, and too many tools and ways we can explain things so that our patients know what’s going on and why we might need to do that crown or that filling. Why can this tooth be saved but not that one?  That’s why we show you your xrays and the pictures we’ve taken of your teeth, not to freak you out (which I know some of you that it does!) but so you can see what we see and to help you make an informed decision about your health.

My team tells me I talk too much! And it’s true – I enjoy explaining things to people and transferring the knowledge I’ve gained over the many years practicing Dentistry to you all. This website is a reflection of that. It serves as a tool to either answer some questions you might have, or spark a question you may have not thought to ask. Either way, its purpose is to increase the dialogue so that every step we take is forward towards the happy and healthy smile you’ve always wanted.

It is important to all of us at Waco Family Dentistry that you are well informed. We go to great lengths to be thorough so that we may deliver the best individualized treatment possible, while making your time spent here efficient and comfortable. We want to pass that information on to you so that you understand everything that may impact your health.

So please look around. If there’s anything you think we can improve please let us know!

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