Dentures and Partials

Despite our best efforts, there are circumstances that occur where teeth have to be removed, there just aren’t any other options. When we can, we offer non-removable solutions to replace missing teeth. In those cases where we will need to replace multiple teeth or all the teeth, removables such as a denture or a partial are a great way to restore those cases.

A partial is an appliance that replaces multiple teeth but not all the teeth. It utilizes the remaining teeth for stability and retention. Keeping some of the teeth is advantageous as it aids in function and retains the bone around those teeth.

A denture replaces all the teeth in an arch. Traditionally, a denture adheres to the natural contours of the ridge where the teeth used to be and can be aided by the use of adhesives. We have many patients who have full dentures and do well with them. For those wanting something more secure, especially for the lower denture which seems to give people the most trouble, we do have a couple of options we can discuss:

Mini Dental Implants are the least invasive way to provide implant support for a denture. The tops of the implant have a round ball that an o-ring fitted inside the denture attaches to, locking the denture in place. In most cases we can utilize a patient’s existing denture and retrofit it so the new implants, so it helps control the costs of having implants placed. With Mini Dental Implants the denture can still be taken out for cleaning and allowing the tissues to rest, but it is a great alternative to the traditional denture. Click here for more information on Mini Dental Implants. (put in link)

All on 4, also known as teeth in a day, is another option for restoring all the teeth in an arch. With all on 4 we utilize an oral surgeon who places 4 implants that are larger than the Mini Dental Implants. The denture is then screwed onto these implants so it cannot be removed.

At Waco Family Dentistry, we can help develop a treatment plan that meets your specific needs. Losing your teeth or deciding to remove your teeth is never an easy decision or one to be taken lightly. We can help navigate you through the process, discuss your options, and make your transition into a denture or a partial as smooth as possible.

If you are looking for the best dental solution involving dentures in Waco, TX, request an appointment with us now!