Digital Radiography Xrays

Today people are more conscious about what they are exposed to than ever before. With the amount of information we have available literally a click away, people are better educated and have a greater concern about what is being done and why.

At Waco Family Dentistry we utilize the latest technology from Sirona and Schick for our digital radiographs. What this means to you is that you and your family are exposed to far less radiation than with traditional films – up to 80{ee376a2858ef91af396621f125ae2fcd7e0656242e7447a50373eb9ce131a167} less.

Why do I need x-rays? A simple question but we get asked that a lot. Dental x-rays are taken to check for cavities in between the teeth and around existing restorations. We also check the bone levels around teeth, look for infections around the roots of the teeth and look for oral cancer as well. In some cases we can also check the amount of tartar build up that has accumulated below the gumline.

Our mouths are a constantly changing, harsh environment. We can have many issues  arise that cause little to no discomfort until it is too late. Radiographs help us identify problems early so that it is less traumatic for the patient, and typically less expensive as well.