Oral Surgery

Sometimes there is just no other option but to take the tooth out. There are a lot of technological advances and options in Dentistry today, but in the end, if we feel we can’t restore a particular tooth in a manner that will last for many years, whether broken down by decay, or lacking adequate gum and bone support, we will recommend that you have the tooth removed.

At Waco Family Dentistry we perform many routine and surgical extractions.

There are some cases where we might refer to an oral surgeon:

  • You want to be “knocked out.” See our sedation section for options we can offer to make you more comfortable, but if you want to be put to sleep, an Oral Surgeon will have to do that.
  • Difficulty of the extraction
  • Medically compromised
  • Bone grafting needed after the extraction for an implant
  • Impacted wisdom teeth

Most people tolerate extractions very well and it is a procedure that can be safely done in our office.

If you have just had an extraction and looking for post care information, click here.