Waco Dentist Open on Saturday

For a multitude of reasons, we have chosen to be a Waco Dentist open on Saturday.Waco Dentist Open On Saturday


Changing Landscape of Healthcare and Dentistry

The landscape of healthcare in general is changing and Dentistry is definitely a part of that. When the economy ran into trouble in 2008 and the slow recovery that occurred afterwards, a lot of uncertainty entered the workplace, from people either finding themselves out of work for a period of time, or knowing so many friends and family that struggled as a result.


Busy Schedules Demand New Solutions

Today things are better, but those days are still fresh in everyone’s minds, so taking off work multiple times a year for Dentists appointments and doctors appointments and all the other appointments we have to make has become increasingly difficult for some, and just not an option for others. Add to that everyone’s hectic schedules with kids’ sports and other family activities and obligations, the typical Dentist schedule of Monday through Thursday 8-5 just doesn’t work!


The Convenience of a Waco Dentist Open on Saturday

So, for the convenience of our patients, we made the decision to be a Waco Dentist open on Saturday.  I had been told in the past by other Dentists that working Saturdays was pointless because nobody wants to go to the Dentist on Saturdays. I’ve found the opposite to be true. Not only are Saturdays consistently busy, but the surprise and the most rewarding part of it has been how many patients have thanked us for being open Saturdays, and how it would be difficult for them to come any other time. And of course there’s the toothache that starts at 5:15 Thursday night when most other offices have closed for the weekend. Being open 6 days a week gives us a broader window to take care of those patients when their luck runs out!

At Waco Family Dentistry we are committed to making your experience the best it can be as well as convenient for you and your family. We look forward to keeping your smile happy and healthy for years to come!