Kids Dentistry


One of the questions we are frequently asked is if we see children. We sure do! We will typically begin seeing children around the age of 5.

We handle children of a younger age with special care to ensure a positive dental experience. We do not force anything on a child, especially if it’s their first time ever seeing a Dentist. On their first visit we will typically count teeth, polish their teeth and apply fluoride (cleaning with an exam). We will try to take x-rays, but only if we are able, and if we find anything that needs treatment we would usually address the issue ourselves. If a child is particularly apprehensive, then sometimes we just count teeth.

On rare occasions, if a child has extensive decay or is especially apprehensive or uncooperative, we will refer to a pediatric dentist. Our goal is to make every dental experience for your child the best it can be, whether we provide the services or not!

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