At Waco Family Dentistry, you have a Team dedicated to your health! We pride ourselves in having a low turnover of staff. Our goal is to create an environment where you see the same friendly faces every time you come in. From the many hours of continuing dental education we take each year, to keeping up with emergency training and the latest regulations to keep your personal information safe, every year we work hard to make things better for you!

Our Hygienists

Donna, Cathy, and our newest Hygienist Heather, have over 40 years combined experience! Donna has been with the practice for over 30 years and has seen many of her patients for that length of time! She spends her time keeping up with her grandkids – 2 here and 2 out in California. Cathy came to us a couple of years ago and her patients love her! She practiced in the area for several years prior to joining us and when she arrived, she had several patients follow her because of how great a job she does. Heather is brand new to Waco and currently works for us part time. She speaks fluent Spanish and has received great reviews for being gentle and personable!

Our Assistants

Kristi and Melissa keep our Doctors in line and are responsible for making your treatment go smoothly and be comfortable. Kristi has been with the practice for nearly 15 years and loves what she does. Her daughters are grown, but she loves when she gets to go watch her granddaughter play softball.  Melissa is new to our area but has been an assistant for several years. Her professionalism and calm demeanor help keep the patients and the Doctors at ease!

Our Front Office

Katherine and Jessica are your first contact. They answer the phones, check you in, make sure your insurance is accurate and submitted correctly, amongst a score of other things! Both are registered dental assistants so they can also jump back and help the doctors if needed. Katherine has been an assistant for over 10 years and has moved to the front office. She has two young kiddos.  Jessica also has roots working as an assistant. Her knowledge and experience with most procedures makes her an asset when it comes to scheduling and keeping things organized.